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Welcome to the Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy, founded by Ms. Irina Lavrova, a prima ballerina for 18 years. Our school emphasizes the qualities of poise, good posture, grace,and confidence. It encourages creativity and appreciation for classical music. Movement learned through dance promotes flexibility and good health. Ballet combines power and grace, mixes it with discipline and determination, and supports a long-lasting appreciation for fine music and artistic dance.


Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy follows the Royal Academydancer2 of Dance curriculum, but also offers ballet classes taught in the Vaganova method.  We teach pointe classes as well as lyrical jazz, jazz, musical theatre, and modern dance.  We teach all ages and levels from preschool to adult.  Our goal is to bring the joy and exhilaration of the ballet experience to our students.  For many, this will become a lifetime passion.  The discipline carries over to all areas of a students life and encourages a strong work ethic.  Our dance studio is found on the Cloverdale/Langley border.  To learn more about the Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy, click on one of the menu items above, or please feel free to send us an email at


1. World renowned prima ballerina, Irina Lavrova

(Graduated from Kiev State Choreographic School with honors). Ms. Lavrova, the founder of Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy, was a prima ballerina for 18 years.  During this time she travelled all over the world with her company.  She then obtained her teachers certification from the Royal Academy of Dancing with merit.  She knows what it takes to be one of the best dancers in the world and she shares her love of ballet with her students.


2. Highly Trained, Professionals

All of our teachers are certified, highly trained, expert instructors who share their knowledge with their students to help them realize their full potential.


3. Smaller Class Sizes5-things

Our smaller class sizes allow students to receive more individual instruction from teachers, and as a result they progress at a faster level than those in a large class environment. Our smaller class sizes also ensure that the teacher can catch any corrections before they turn into bad habits or improper techniques. Every student in our class is given individual attention.


4. Variety of Dance Styles & Methods

Highly qualified teachers with varied training and teaching methods are available to teach a broad range of dance formats. Ms. Lavrova teaches ballet following the Royal Academy of Dance method, along with the famous Russian Vaganova method.


5. Sprung Dance Floor

A sprung floor ballerina in a costumeis a floor that absorbs the shock and impact of regular dance movement. This benefits students by reducing fatigue and preventing injury that can result from dancing on hard surfaces.  It is considered to be the best available dance floor. Modern sprung floors are supported by foam backing or rubber feet, while the traditional floors are cushioned mechanically.


6. Recitals, Exams, and Competitions

Students are given performance experience in our year-end recital. Every year our big finale consists of a choreographed classical production.   Students also have the opportunity to participate in festivals, competitions and exams. This is a great way for your child to get stage and performing experience, gain confidence and meet many other people. Exams are a great way to excel in ballet, receive recognition, and use towards the arts credit in high school. The BC Ministry of Education offers external credits that can be applied to Fine Arts 10, 11 and 12 for certain dance certification.  Only those external credentials that have been reviewed and approved by the Ministry can be applied toward graduation.


7. Parent Viewing Week

Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy offers 2 opportunities in the school year for you to come and watch your child (ren) dance. This allows you to see how your child is improving throughout the year unlike many other dance schools that only showcase their work during the year-end recital.

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